Redemption is within your reach  and your option to take. You’re redeemable and worthy. Somehow you forgot to fight, somehow you gave up on the chance of becoming the best person you can be. 

Redemption is yours for the taking but you gotta want it first. Believe that deep inside you there’s a butterfly ready to bat its wings and fly above all that hurt, fly above your daily problems, fly above your shortcomings, fly above your procrastination and fly above your dissappointments and struggles.

Redemption. You must want it bad enough otherwise it’s not for you. You gotta want it bad enough like you wanted before. You gotta want it bad and work hard to get it. God is knocking on your door ready to redeem all your sins, wash you clean and make you whole; all you gotta do is get up and get the door. Redemption is waiting at the door… you must want it bad enough, must forgive yourself for all the times you’ve disappointed yourself and those you love the most, forgive that you have not fought hard enough for your own redemption even though you claim to want it with all your heart. You might have thrown the towel but the fight is not over, you can still get up and give 100% until the fight is over. You can always get up, there’s a greater strength within you waiting to be released. Explore yourself and find that fighter in you, he’s been given another chance to fight back. Just get up and get ready for another round. 

Redemption is there, within your reach. You just gotta want it bad enough. Get up and fight for yours. Redemption is yours. Take what belongs to you.

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