Mayan Princess

Wake up, Mayan Princess… Welcome back from your long slumber… I wonder… How long has it been, Mayan Princess

Wake up from your slumber / Oh Mayan Princess / Titulah, over there, titulah / full moon up in the cloudless sky / Luna Llena welcomes you back

Warrior Princess / I have longed for your return / titulah, over there, titulah la Luna/ there comes Mayan Princess / riding on a cloud / standing on a pirámide that once witnessed your sacrifice / guarded by sister virgins / you saved our people, Mayan Princess, your selfless sacrifice we already remember

Maya Princess: 

The universe agrees with me that I should be writing and share many things whomever wants to listen. ..tzet’shi winaj…Titulah 

You are inspiring me to do many thing…Yesss my soul was once trapped…the universe has will free my soul. I will be reborn again

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