Under These Sheets

Under these sheets I feel safe. This quiet time in the morning that’s all yours and mine. The day hasn’t even started yet I already have the best time lying next to you. I hear you heavy breathing next to me. You sleep while my mind wonders. I wish it could always be this quiet, be this good.
Under these sheets, there’s no other place I’d rather be than here with you where our bodies’ heat shields us from the morning chill, where our bodies intertwine while the traffic outside jams. The whole world can be a pandemonium but I don’t care ’cause under these sheets I feel like it’s heaven on Earth.
My mind is at ease, my pulse dips below normal. I could just reach my arm out under these sheets and feel your skin, hairy skin that drives me crazy. Touching your skin makes my blood boil, gets my veins pumping and my heart racing. Even though you’re still sleeping yet we’ve made contact. I grab you from behind and hug you so tight, feel your heat rising and you lie there still, aware of my presence, welcoming my touch. You still sleep and I’m very much awake. Our breathing now synchronized, our lungs expand, our backs broaden. I feel your love emanating from every pore.
We are one under these sheets. Nothing stands between us here. No one can sneak in between, no room for him under these sheets. Soft cotton sheets covering our naked bodies, revealing our flaws and our perfect imperfections. We may never be supermodels or would want to be. Under these sheets I see you and only you. I see my companion, I see my friend and I see my confidant. There’s no one else I’d rather be with under these sheets. Noone.

©2014 Victor Sotomayor

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