Seeds (9/11 We Shall Never Forget)

Seeds that fell through the cracks
Melting with hot steel and fuel
Melting with corpses of civilians
And heroes
Black and white
Christians and Muslims alike

Seeds that refuse to grow
Thirteen years ago today
For the longest Time
They remained dormant
Wounds went too deep
In the heart of America

Stripped of our pride
Stripped of our freedom

Tears of wives crying over their husbands
Mothers crying over their children
Tears kept falling
Into the endless pool
Tears shed by humanity
Silent tears that strengthen our core…

Thirteen years
Seems like it was just yesterday
Towering infernos in the Big Apple
Angels falling from the skies
Eyes covered in disbelief
They intended to plant terror
In our own backyard
And for a moment they succeeded.

Seeds that were buried in the rubble
Buried with our pain and sorrow
Time wiping our tears and fears away
Seeds that now begin to grow
And turn into beautiful sunflowers
They rise like tall towers
Reminders of our fallen heroes
Their voices silenced forever
But we still hear their voices
In days like today.

We shall never forget
We shall never forget
We shall never forget.


I’m so tired of all this bullshit.
Things are work I feel are falling apart and my hands are tied. One day is one day then the next day is gray. Nothing is ever black or white. It’s fucking gray. I don’t like gray. I like that things are one way or the other not maybe, perhaps, possibly.
No!!!! Is it black or is it white? Why was it black yesterday but today seems gray?
I don’t like to talk about work stuff cuz I believe it’s not worth it but I just asked my coworker (who shall remain anonymous) about a scenario where I didn’t know what I should do, apparently she just wanted me to cancel appointment without a good explanation. I questioned why and she could not answer my question. This is the same woman that set off the rules of the game so… How can she not know what to do next?
I don’t know who to trust around me anymore. I don’t even trust myself. Am I doing right by canceling this appt? Then what if I get a call asking why did I do that? I want to understand why I’m doing this or that. I don’t have time for gray area. I guess I’m frustrated. I need to vent and here’s the only place where I can do this without driving my loved ones crazy.
Frankly I don’t even want to worry about it myself. It’s not worth it. Work is work and it shall remain work. Don’t worry about it, I can hear the voice say. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright… Yeah…