Poetrypalooza Prompts


Joyful Friday, maaaaaan!
It’s been a loooong time coming
Quite was the journey…


Healing art
Mind and soul
Need this oxygen
Need art every day, not just Fridays
Soul doesn’t take a Holiday
Soul needs nurturing…
Creation, creativity
I create my future every day.
Without art, I am nobody.


First thing that appears in Genesis, in the Old Testament, before the Earth and the sky were created there was the verb, la palabra. Word of God.
Palabras, so powerful, should be used very carefully and with love. We are made of words. Palabras, ideas, thoughts. Palabras de mi madre, palabras de mi abuela, palabras de mi corazón. Sólo palabras es lo que somos.

©2014 Víctor Sotomayor