Vegan or Carnivore?

Story cubes: bee, credit card, foot, turtle, clock, flashlight, teepee, cell phone, fish

I’m not sure what got into me that Sunday morning but I decided that I was going vegan from then on. I decided it’s time that I stopped living my life as a hypocrite where I would be an animal lover one day and have a rib eye steak for lunch. It never made sense to me how could I think that killing an animal for my pleasure was OK. As I sipped on my green tea with honey, I stumbled upon a pamphlet about veganism and listed some of the things I should not have: dairy products, eggs, flesh (including fish), honey and other animal ingredients. Oops, I already made my first mistake as a vegan and had honey. I didn’t mean to harm any bees in the process, I swear!
I opened the fridge and realize that everything I had there was in the list of items that a vegan could not have and so I needed to shake my carnivorous self out of the apartment, grabbed my credit card and my wallet and decided that I would go walking by foot to Trader Joe’s to see what my food option were going to be for the rest of my life.
As I walked around the beautiful Toluca Lake homes, I remembered Life of Pi. The movie revolves a young Indian man named Pi Patel who gets stranded at sea in a small lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. They must learn to survive the elements and Pi, a vegan, has to “convert” to a carnivore and begins fishing for food in order to survive. His diet consists mainly of fish and turtles, I still try to picture how can a vegan have the will power to kill in order to survive. He had no clock or watch as guidance and could not have foreseen spending 227 days and nights along with a giant tiger in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I try to picture myself being stranded in a moonless, dark night without a flashlight or moonlight to see where is my destination, floating over shark infested waters.
I snap back to reality and focus on the beautiful mansions, the gardens, swings from the trees, some have tree houses and I see some kids playing on their front lawn. Some of them are shooting up the sky as cowboys while the others hide inside the security of their teepee. They’re playing Cowboys & Indians. I can’t believe what a stereotypical game that is, how children are influenced by their parents to think that this game is OK to play, that there’s nothing wrong with this picture. Just like how they teach us how is OK to eat red meat, pork, chicken and other animals just because.
Looking at my cell phone I noticed that I was late so I pick up the pace and head out to the store. Thinking of all the food that I can’t have is making me nauseous. All I can thinking about is food. I think of steak and eggs, bacon and sausage, fish and seafood of all kinds. This vegan trip that I’m on is going to be challenging. I can’t live life thinking of what food I can and cannot have. What if the only thing around to eat is chicken or ham or cheese or bacon? Just thinking about this is making me more hungry. I need to stop thinking of food and focus on something else. I can do this. I really can do this. I can, I can, I can… Can I?

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