Hotel Mercure 11:55 Paris Time

I breathe art, I love creating new frontiers whether I’m writing a poem, reciting, singing, playing cajón or congas, drawing, dancing… I’m creating every day something new and beautiful and I look around Paris and all I see is art, in the Louvre, on the streets, riding the Metro, watching people perform music for Euro cents, free art that is for everyone to see and enjoy. 


Mother Earth


Mother can’t bare it anymore

The abuse

the neglect

the carelessness

the rape so

She screams



And floods

In protest

Yet her children choose not to listen

And continue feeding off 

her endless generosity 
Mother Earth

Awaits patiently

But not for long 

© 4/22/15 Earth Day 

Victor Sotomayor 


(Response to inner chatter)

An impostor? You called me an impostor? Why? Cuz I’m having a tough time at work? Why? Cuz it’s easier to point a finger and then walk away? Why don’t you stay a while and see how I struggle when you leave? You just blurt out those negative words and now you walk away…

Today I say to you: you are the impostor! I call you out so whatcha gonna do? You think I’m scared of you? What can you do to me that you haven’t already? Your words can’t hurt me anymore… See the impostor leave the stage… And never come back!

Gracias a la Poesía 

Gracias por permitir que este corazón latiera a un día más

Gracias por dejarme descubrir el poder de la palabra

Gracias por visitarme en las horas inoportunas del día y de la noche e implantar estos pensamientos de amor y compasión

Gracias por mostrarme la luz en la hora más oscura

Gracias por la poesía

Gracias por la música

Gracias por tu amistad

Y por no dejarme ir

Veo tus huellas en la arena

Veo cómo me has llevado en sus brazos en el peor de los tiempos

Gracias, mi Señor, y bendice a todos los que lean este poema. Amén.