The Word is Hate

I HATE the word HATE

Did you notice that sentence above? Did you notice how I used HATE twice in the same sentence? Do you realize how bad this is?

I know that should be a positive statement. A statement that reads that I’m a lover not a hater but still… Do I need to use the word HATE? 

I believe that we all get so accustomed  to say the word HATE that, when push comes to shove, we don’t really mean it. 

We might say “I hate my life” because we run into traffic and are late for work. 

We also say “I hate you” when we really mean to say that they’ve upset us and we need a little space at the moment.

We might say “I hate this or I hate that” instead of just saying “this is not my cup of tea” or “not my type of music/movie/art but I appreciate it for what it is and everybody has different tastes.”

I believe we use the word HATE too sparingly till it becomes second nature and we don’t think of its consequences. We don’t think that we can affect people with the word HATE, that it’s harmless and has no weight. We are wrong.

I’m not gonna get on a soapbox and take a stand against the word HATE. I use it ALL the time myself so I cannot preach and declare that everybody stops using the word HATE for that will be imposing something that I need to work on myself.

I see it as a way to eliminate HATE from my life, in every shape and form. Along with other spiteful words, HATE comes with consequences and it hurts people, belittles them. Even kills. I don’t want to be a bully. I don’t want to be a hater, I’m a lover.

So I have decided to take a pledge that I shall not say, write or even think of the word HATE. I don’t want to give that word much importance for I have a choice of words that I can use that will describe how I feel in detail instead of simply hating. This is a personal decision that I don’t expect anyone else to follow.

From now on I shall replace the word HATE with the word LOVE. For instance, “I hate my life” can become “I LOVE my life even when things seems to work against me today, I will look at the upside of things. Today is a good day.” It’s THAT simple. Don’t you just LOVE it?

Last Embrace

The auditorium is vast

the crowd is going wild

music is soothing the pain

so much suffering

it’s almost over

almost over

Let’s embrace

in one last kiss

hold each other

as the bombs drop

around us




blood all over the stage

Remember this last kiss

always remember me for we may not meet again

it took centuries before we met

it make take centuries

to meet again

if we ever do…

Kiss me one last time

as the bomb drop

and our faces melt

and our bodies get buried under the rubble

your hands ’round my body

hold me tight…

This moment’s ours

this moment is forever.