Not a Poet

To all those who love poetry, love a poet or simply like to listen in and enjoy poetry: if it wasn’t for you and the love you inspire in us, there wouldn’t be poets nor poetry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and continue being creative in other ways, we see you.


Stop asking me if I’m a poet
I already said that I don’t have anything to share
I already said that I’m not poet
How many more times do I have to say it?

If I’m not a poet
Doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate poetry
Doesn’t mean that I can’t feel pain
Doesn’t mean that I’m different from you

The fact that I’m not a poet doesn’t mean
that I don’t smell the flowers
That I don’t see angels around me
That I feel music within my soul
That I’m not spiritual or
That I don’t believe that we’re all the same
That I don’t see that rainbow in the clouds

I also bleed the same blood you do
I also breathe the same air you do
I also see the same injustices on TV
I also have heartaches and pains and struggles
But I don’t have to put it in a poem
I just deal with all of it
The best way I can

I’m not a poet
that doesn’t mean that
I’m not creative in my own way
It doesn’t mean that you
And only you
Own the problems of the world

I also have heartaches
I also suffer injustice
I also have depression
I also suffer from stress
But I don’t put it in a poem like you do…
I wish I could
I wish I could…

So stop asking me
If I’m a poet
Stop trying to put me in a box
Where I don’t belong
Let me sit back here
In this dark corner
and snap my fingers…

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