A story worth being told… Love your pets and take good care

Italo's (Other) Corner

I’m Darth
I’m Darth
I’m Darth

Remember me?
Remember me?
Remember me?

Outside in the rain
In the snow
In the dark
Alone with the wolves again…

I see you a few minutes a day
I see you walk right pass me
But you don’t really see me
You’re too busy to see me
Wagging my tail away

I’m Darth
I’m Darth
I’m Darth!

Maybe I’m too old
Saggy eyes
Mud covering my thick black fur
That made you think of Darth Vader
These scars on my shoulders
Maybe they scare you?

Waiting all night long
Till the break of dawn
for a pet on my head
Like you used to do
when you were a baby
Remember those times?

I still remember you

I got the light saber stick
You got me one Christmas
Back when I was still
Allowed inside

I still got the Darth Vader

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